Wednesday, June 14, 2017

F---- me? Really?


It was about 9:10 PM and I was walking north on the east side of 7th Avenue at 40th Street.  The light was green for 7th Avenue traffic, which is to say, the white "Walk" signal was displayed for those of us on the crowded sidewalk trying to get to the other side of 40th Street. But we could not, at least not safely.

That's because, eastbound 40th Street was jammed. And some of the cars stuck in traffic had decided to back out. 

That's right, they were backing up west on 40th Street, through the red light and onto 7th Avenue.

Someone standing near me said, "how are we supposed to cross?" I answered, "I'll get us across."

That's when I stepped behind 7K92. That's the medallion number for the cab backing up through a crosswalk where we mere pedestrians had the right of way.

I wrapped three times on his trunk. Not hard. Just to let him know he was about to back up into me. That's when he decided it was time to have a little conversation with me.

"F--- you!" he screamed out his open window.

"Hey, you were backing up into people crossing the street," was my approximate reply.  He continued screaming, he got out of his taxi. I continued across the street. Then I thought, maybe I should turn back and take a picture. Which I did. Which further enraged him. Which prompted him to get out of his cab once again. And scream at me. To which I responded with these magic words, said four times:

"Taxi and Limousine Commission." Just to let him know where the photo's going. And then I continued to walk north along 7th Avenue. 

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