Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Hug a cop in every state

A 7-year-old Louisiana girl is on a mission to hug cops in each of our 50 states.

Her latest stop: Chicago.

It's a story I'm reporting on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115.

Rosalyn Baldwin says God told her to go across the country and hug cops. This after three police officers in Baton Rouge were murdered in an ambush.

"She says they're killing my heroes, they're killing everybody's heroes," Rosalyn's mother, Angie Baldwin says. "She said something needs to happen, some love needs to go out there." 

A Go Fund Me site's been set up to help Rosalyn fulfill her goal. She's 12 states into her target. A mission that includes hugs in Hawaii and Alaska.

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