Friday, June 23, 2017

I'm supposed to be green with envy over this guy's green tea

He's the kind of guy who fancies himself an expert on everything. This time he walks up to me speaking with authority on green tea.

"Check out this green tea I'm using," he says, holding out some packets for me to see.

"Green tea is the best thing to drink. It has anti-oxidants and you shouldn't drink anything else. In fact, for the past two months I've eaten nothing and have only been drinking green tea. I've already lost 40 pounds doing it."

Now he was talking to me. But I get the distinct impression his real audience was a third, silent, partner to our conversation. A young lady who he's been trying to favorably impress with his "knowledge" and by dropping names of famous people he claims to know quite intimately.

"Wow," was my eloquent reply.

"And this is the best green tea there is. If you can't get it any green tea will do of course. But it's not as good as this. This green tea is the best for you and it's all I drink when I can."

Well, that sounds impressive alright so I asked, "what ingredients do they add that makes this green tea so special?"

"I don't know," he answered. "But whatever it is, it sure works."

Needing to get to the bottom if this groundbreaking story I, without preamble or permission helped myself to one of the packets of this elixir still in the open palm of his hand and said, "let's take a look at the ingredients."  Which I did. And committed to memory.

In the interest in sharing this breakthrough and in the hopes this now goes viral and improves the health of millions I provide now, as a public service, all the ingredients of this amazing green tea. Please share this before there's legal action to take it down.

They are:

1. Green tea

That's it folks. No other ingredients.

I wonder how impressed the young lady is now!

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