Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Imagine getting tossed in jail on drug charges because the cops mistook drywall dust for cocaine!

Fox 35 Orlando photo

A 57-year-old Florida handyman is jailed for 90 days after police mistook drywall dust for cocaine and arrested him on drug charges.

When Karlos Cashe was pulled over by the Oviedo, Florida police on a traffic stop they spotted a white powdery substance on his back seat.

Cocaine, they immediately surmised. And they called a drug dog and got a hit.

Kashe says he tried to tell them it was dust from drywall. 

"I said, 'you found drywall and you're turning it into cocaine,'" Cashe says he told the cops.

But then a lab report came in showing no controlled substances and he was released.

"It cost me 90 days in jail trying to prove my innocence," he says

The Oviedo police department says there will be no internal investigation because cops followed proper procedure and there was no bad intentions in the arrest. But Kashe says, that's 90 days he'll never get back.

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