Thursday, June 22, 2017

Other communities are taking down Confederate monuments but one that's stood for more than 100 years will remain in Tampa

By Fox 13 Tampa

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A decision designed to satisfy both supporters and opponents of a confederate statue in Tampa. It follows impassioned comments from people on both sides. But not everyone is happy.

Hillsborough County commissioners vote down a motion to  take down the statue.  But they also decide to put a diversity mural up behind it.

Black Lives Matter's Jae Passmore says the juxtaposition of the two sends an unwanted message to the black community.

"The plan is to put a monument behind a monument still showing that hate is still up front," Passmore says.

But Sons of Confederate Veterans' Phil Waters says the edifice has historical significance.

"This is a monument to our veterans in history," Waters argues.  "How can you learn history, how can future generations learn history if  you're taking it down?"

The Confederate monument's  stood at the front of the old county courthouse since 1911.

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