Monday, June 26, 2017

Shootings, stabbings and confusion in Newark as police scramble to get to each scene and report what they find

Police block traffic as S. 10th & S. Orange in Newark where a person was shot in the head

A shooting on Avon Ave. A precursor to a Sunday night of violence in Newark, New Jersey. A night that would find four people shot and at least one other stabbed with two of the victims dead over a four hour period.

Not long after the Avon shooting the other calls came in in rapid succession.

Two people shot on Willoughby. A person stabbed on Irvine Turner Blvd. And a person shot in the head on S. 10th and S. Orange Ave.

Confusion on the police radio as officers called in reports requesting EMS to "the scene."  Which scene? How many injured at what location?

Not to mention a frantic call for more cops to Willoughby to control a large crowd in the street.

Adding to the confusion: The stabbing victim on Irvine Turner stumbled from there four blocks to the shooting scene on Avon. There the victim collapsed and finally received medical attention.

At times like these the cops aren't out looking for the perpetrators   No, they're too busy rushing to the scenes, helping the victims until EMS arrives, controlling crowds, securing the crime scene, protecting evidence, looking for cooperative witnesses and gathering information to put out over the radio and to give investigators.

The area along S. Orange is no stranger to violence. A community group once blocked the busy thoroughfare in protest shortly after a fatal shooting.  

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