Tuesday, June 20, 2017

Texas man learns to never commit a crime with Batman in the building

Here's a story I'm reporting on Fox News Headlines 24/7 on Sirius XM 115.

A shoplifter in Fort Worth is busted by the Masked Crusader.

Not kidding. He was actually nabbed by Batman!

Fort Worth police officer Damon Cole dresses up as Batman to cheer up kids with cancer. He was at a Walmart - off duty - in his costume for a safety fair when someone told him a guy was stealing some DVDs. So he jumped into action, collaring the guy. Who was so  impressed by what happened that he asked Cole for a favor.

"I want to get a selfie with you," Cole says the man told him, "'because it's not everyday you get arrested by Batman.'"

Cole took inventory of the loot and to his surprise: "One of the movies he was attempting to steal was 'Lego Batman,'" Cole says.

"You cannot steal my movie, come on!"

Because the value of DVDs taken was less than $100 dollars the man got to go home. But not until after Batman issued him a citation.

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