Monday, April 16, 2007

Tragedy At Virginia Tech

The Virginia Tech tragedy is already prompting debate about gun control.

Many callers during today's show suggested that the shooting rampage that claimed the lives of more than 30 people underscores the need to limit gun sales in the United States.

Others argued that the problem is not the guns. It's the people who use them.

One caller from Scotland said the relative inavailability of guns in the United Kingdom makes such a massacre there far less likely.

Of course, the realties in the UK and the United States are not the same. Here, guns are already in such wide circulation that any attempts to clamp down would only affect law abiding citizens. No one seriously believes criminals would give up their arms.

A caller from Wales applauded the United States for allowing its citizens to arm themselves. She says that, in Britain, people find alternative weapons to kill. She cited as examples knives, and even golf clubs.

That may be, but it seems unlikely someone could get away with killing 33 people on a college campus with a golf club or a knife.

There are questions, of course, about the way Virginia Tech responded to the first of the two shooting incidents. Why was the campus not put in lock down after the first shootings, of two students, while a suspect was still at large?

The debate and the questions are valid and necessary. But let's all also take time to pray or give good thoughts and wishes to the entire Virginia Tech community and the family and friends of the victims.


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Boaz said...

Virginia Tech had a bomb threat 3 weeks ago...precautionary measures were taken at the time including evacuation and cancellation of classes. Here we have .. 3 weeks later ... a double homicide with the shooter still at large on the campus and no precautionary measures taken. We all know that when a robber is at large in lets say a neighborhood and the police are after this robber...they create a blockade and shutdown the neighborhood until the offender is apprehended by the police.
Why then didnt the police do the same here ???

All these liberals who are using this sad story to support their usual agenda about taking guns away from citizens hopefully will ask : What could motivate a person to go on a shooting spree ( beyond just being upset with his girlfriend)

shelley said...

To Forgive Is To Give

Sometimes the greatest kindness you can do for someone is to forgive.
Some people will ask you directly for forgiveness. Others lack the awareness, courage or humility to ask your forgiveness.

Forgive even if you aren't asked to do so. This can be extremely difficult. And that is why it's so elevating.

Like Professor Liviu Librescu Israeli Holocaust Survivor, Hero of VTU Massacre,
As Jews worldwide honored on Monday the memory of those who were murdered in the Holocaust, a 76-year-old survivor sacrificed his life to save his students in Monday's shooting at Virginia Tech College.
People who came out of the Holocaust alive, often ask why me? why me? well maybe in Liviu Librescu case I can now understand., maybe he was spared so he sould show what a true rightous human being he was. The essence of heroism is the ability to maintain one's inner freedom in the face of external pressure.
May every single person who was murdered at VT be mourned for, May Liviu Librescu always be remembered as a rightous human being and a true hero. may all their souls rest in peace.

Jess said...

While what happened at Virginia Tech is awful and does bring to light the dangers of guns, I would love to hear people discussing how parents are forced to watch every move they make and every word they say in regards to discipline now due to the worries of having a third party knock on their door to do interviews or possibly press charges because “they” feel...that it was not appropriate. A lot of children no longer have “healthy fear” of adults and authority figures and the consequences they bring for negative actions.

I would like to hear outrage at the fact that religion is not promoted more than gun control! The moral fiber of our entire nation is falling apart and this is one more sign of what happens when religion is not impressed upon our children and practiced at home as well as at school. There is more to religion than just prayer that should be recognized.

There should be a team effort between school administration and parents to identify problems and address them. The school systems will tell you they can’t even find a lot of parents to discuss concerns regarding students that are having troubled behavior. Furthermore, shift the focus off the person who committed such an unthinkable act and highlight the fabulous people who where trying to better themselves and become productive members of our society.

I think kindness is lost today in the hussle and bussle of busy lives. I think it’s sad someone can hurt so loudly and not receive more of a helping hand. I would like to see people pick another time to discuss gun control and use this as an opportunity to see how we can better help our children to be kind and show kindness.