Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Burma Global Action Network Activist On Paltalk

Matt Fidanque of the Burma Global Action Network, who says the crackdown in Burma is being fueled at the gas pump, will be my guest on News Talk Online on Paltalk on Wednesday, November 7th.

Fidanque says people who fuel their cars at Chevron stations are inadvertently and indirectly funding the human rights abuses in Burma. He claims that Chevron holds a 28 percent share in the Yadana natural gas project. And pays large sums in gas royalties to the current military junta.

The Burma Global Action Network wants the royalties to be placed in escrow to be used by the legitimate elected government of Burma, headed by Aung San Suu Kyi. If Chevron refuses to do so, it is being asked to sell its stake in the project.

The network also is calling on Chevron to increase contributions to humanitarian efforts in Burma through accredited non-government organizations.

To chat with Fidanque on Wednesday Nov. 7 at 5 PM New York time go to www.paltalk.com/newstalk and click on the Join The Room button. There is no charge.

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