Monday, January 7, 2008

A Final Blog From Iraq

Andrew Olmsted, a major in the United States Army, was one of a new breed of military bloggers. Commenting during his tour of duties in Iraq. A blog that was published by the Rocky Mountain News.

Prior to his latest deployment Olmsted wrote a final commentary, to be posted upon his death. Now, sadly, that posting has appeared on Olmsted's blog. The major was killed on January 3rd. Felled by small-arms fire. He was 38-years-old.

You can read Major Olmsted's final blog yourself here:

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

good analises on fear or state of fear.
a novel is written every day and called history and then forgotten.

how can one comment on a novel that is unfinished.

we comment on every issue that there is but the hidden agenda of people commenting on various issues.
this is all related to some sort of financial gains and how we see a particular situation,all of us are not able to comment on delicate issues but we do that is because a novel has been writen in our individual ram, we do not have the ability to process this ram in a just and meaningfull way again may be financial rewards are at risk and understanding.
I know im going to die day should we call it fear or do we need to forget this fear....this is the only fear as far as my thought lets me....going to the unknown......terrorists are not the unknown,its some thing we have created through negligence and ill thoughts to gain the upper hand.
People are very good to each other every where in the world but put this ingreadent(money) and ill nature of our vision and we get people to the sdge and retaliate.
this we can call terrorist, we have to stop for 5 min every day to think as an institution and worry about when and how we are going to die and what will become of us..
so lets worry about this and then think what are we are going to leave behind for ever instead of correcting things when the driving force behind is related to financial gains so we can build bombs to scare other good people of the world.
I could write a book and explian my thoughts but take this as a taste and think along the lines of what i have writen here, I am sure its not less then a big book

Regards keep the good work up and also thing...the real fear should be that we have to die,today ,,,,, what will happen....then we might adjust our ram to store and comment.
not keep money in our ram and comment.