Friday, April 11, 2008

Hawaii 'Kingdom' Proponent Makes Case For An Independent Hawaii

David Keanu Sai, who claims he is the acting interior minister of the Kingdom of Hawaii (currently occupied by the United States) says there is, lawfully, no state of Hawaii in the USA.

Sai, a guest on News Talk Online on, says he is not advocating that Hawaii secede from the union. Because, he argues, it's not part of the United States.

Sai says the Kingdom of Hawaii was occupied by the United States for strategic military reasons. He's taken his case to the Hague and to the UN Security Council, where he hopes to still gain some ground for recognition of Hawaii as an independent nation.


Anonymous said...

Not to challenge Mr. Sai, but one wonders why, if he claims to be Minister of the Hawaiian Kingdom, why wasn't the case regarding a Lance Larson, not taken to a Kingdom Court, and a Judgement made, and why wasn't that presented in Hague...since in effect, wasn't that the outcome of the Hague proceedings...that it was out of their jurisdiction to answer a MATTER that should have been handled by the Hawaiian Government and Courts. On that matter, SINCE THEY WENT THROUGH ALL THE get to the Hague...WHY WOULDN'T THEY HAVE TAKEN A COURT ORDER...FROM THE KINGDOM COURT...AGAINST ONE OF THEIR MEMBER STATES; U.S.?

FOOD FOR THOUGHT...and, in closing, if the Hawaiian Government that Mr. Sai is affiliated with, IF IT WERE THE LEGITIMATE GOVERNMENT...FOR THE HAWAII-KINGDOM, why WASN'T Larson's Kingdom Passport recognized...and validated?

Anonymous said...

As a Native Hawaiian, the arguments for self-determination ever since I can remember have focused on establishing independence under the U.S. and as expected, the discussions were contentious because ultimately, the discussion would boil down to race.

People have compared the issue of independence for Native Hawaiians with the situation of Native Americans. These two cases cannot be more dissimilar.

Our independent and globally recognized kingdom before the illegal overthrow consisted of more than just Native Hawaiians. Some of our trusted advisors to our kingdom were Hawaiian nationals, but were not of Native Hawaiian ancestry.

I've listened to Keanu Sai present his findings on Hawai'i as an independent state and by examining our history through the lens of international law, suddenly the longstanding holes in the theories supporting independence within the U.S are explained. It's never been a race issue within the U.S. It's an issue of a country's independence on the global stage.

The struggle for independence is over. The struggle to end illegal occupation is now.

For more information, I would recommend:

Anonymous said...

To Anonymous:

Obviously there is only so much you can do when the majority of the poeple in Hawaii think that Hawaii is part of the U.S. and when U.S. punishes you according to their laws for doing things that say otherwise(i.e. perfect land titles, 1995)

You know if the Hawaiian Kingdom had continued until today, we probably would have all of those things that you asked about.

Paka said...

You may find answers to your questions regarding Dr. Sai's comments here:

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