Friday, April 11, 2008

UN Secretary-General Sitting Out Olympics Opening Ceremony

Ban ki-Moon

Add the United Nations secretary-general to the list of dignitaries who are boycotting the opening ceremony for the Beijing Olympics.

As with the others, including several heads of state, Ban ki-Moon is making a statement about the treatment of the Tibetan people by the Chinese.

President Bush has been urged to skip the opening ceremony but has not yet decided. He should follow Ban's lead. Missing the ceremony allows the athletics to participate while still making an important statement about human rights.


Leilani Helepololei said...

Well I couldn't be more pleased to see more and more people standing up for the little guy/guys. Tibet has been a model of goodness, graciousness, and tolerance. We in this world need to stand by those that have been bullied by counties that have such power to force many into submission. Let us all Stand against Injustice.

Anonymous said...

Gordon Brown, PM in the UK is also said to be planning on being a non attender at the opening ceremony of the Olympics, but I do believe that was planned and he will be there for the closing ceremony. I would much rather him have made a statement about not attending because of the human rights issues than just to not have turned up. That way a very strong message is being sent to the Chinese Government. Just making an excuse smacks of just doing the right thing for the wrong reasons, in my opinion.