Wednesday, June 25, 2008

Iran Threatens West Against Provocation

A major Iranian political figure is pushing back at those in the West who are trying to put the squeeze on that nation over concerns that it is developing nuclear weapons.

Ali Larijani, Iran's speaker of parliament, says if other nations provoke Iran it will "cost them heavily."

The European Union recently voted to increase sanctions on Iran. And Israel conducted military exercises over the Mederteranian as a show of force to indicate that it has the capability of striking Iran's nuclear facility.

There is a despirate need for diplomacy to enter the equation over this impasse. The Bush administration, which has had a dismal diplomatic record, is finally getting it and is trying to make the proper overtures to Tehran. Hopefully this will pave the way for a thaw in relations when the next president takes office in January.

But Vice-President Dick Cheney's verbal sabre rattling toward Iran notwithstanding, the rhetoric out of Tehran has been worse. There have been repeated threats to eliminate Israel (sorry the mistranslation argument raised by apologists just doesn't fit.) nd now this from Larijani.

One would hope that all parties in this dangerous game would prefer a peaceful resolution rather than armed conflict. But comments like these gives one reason to wonder.


Anonymous said...

My theory, and it is just a theory, a playing around with an idea if you like, is that Ahmedinejad wants to bring things to a head. Their comments are designed to make those sympathetic to the Iranian regime believe that Iran has the moral high ground, and that those who oppose him are the aggressors. It almost makes me smile, were it not so disgusting, that Iran feels free to comment upon what the Israelis could class as an excercise in the Med and receive such overt condemnation, when they feel free to conduct their 'exercises' and take British naval officers captive and also to try the same with the Aussies and Americans. It is a tactic they use to good effect, but a dangerous one since it is practicing brinkmanship

Anonymous said...

The more I listen to the rhetoric of this regime the more I truly believe the Iranian government actually is looking for a fight with the west. The reason why escapes me.

As Gary says, the apologists should stuff it. They aren't being misquoted every single time they open their mouths in Tehran.