Sunday, October 26, 2008

Spreading The Wealth Around

"I heard him say it, those exact words!"

So exclaimed a Republican friend of mine who is still upset over Barack Obama's comments to "Joe The Plumber" in Ohio. In which he used the term "spread the wealth."

"It's socialism," my buddy says. "Pure and simple."

Is it? And does Obama's position deviate drastically from John McCain's?

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Let's start with watching, and listening, to what Obama said exactly to "Joe The Plumber."

In context, I'm not so certain this sounds, as it does when one just hears a sound bite, like socialism. But you can judge for yourself.

As to my question about whether this is so different from McCain's position on taxation. It may contrast greatly now. But not so very long ago, in 2000, McCain sounded, well, quite a bit like Obama:

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Poor Obama, he's suffering from Robin Hood syndrome.
Of course that doesn't make John McCain the evil King John!