Tuesday, March 10, 2009

News Talk Online March 10, 2009: Harnessing The Internet

One edge candidate Barack Obama had over John McCain in the race for the White House was that he and his staff knew how to exploit the social networking aspects of the Internet to get their message out directly to the voters, by passing traditional media outlets.

All of us now use social networking sites, like Paltalk, Facebook, Twitter and MySpace, to keep in touch with the people we care about or wish to influence.

Of course, during our coverage of the presidential campaign on News Talk Online on Paltalk.com there were as many Republicans and there were Democrats sounding off. Showing that, even though the McCain campaign lagged behind in grasping and knowing how to utilize the new media, Democrats don't hold the franchise on social networking.

Which means that in the next presidential campaign, you can be certain the Republicans will have caught up with the Democrats. Solidifying the Internet as the place to go for campaign news, information and rhetoric.

Joining us to talk about the continuing emergence of the web in social networking, whether for personal, business or political use, is a familiar face on Paltalk. Host of our occasional Music Scene programs, and author of the authoritative book on social networking, 33 Million People in the Room: How to Create, Influence, and Run a Successful Business with Social Networking, Juliette Powell.

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marcelle said...

congratulation Barry and Juliette a great classA fun live interacting Paltalk show . ''sound byte one tweet at a time''well explained.
I wish to see you both again jovially clearing out serious matters.