Wednesday, May 20, 2009

News Talk Online May 20, 2009: Iran Missile Launch Unnerves Many

Nuclear plant in Iran

Iran's missile launch, on the heels of President Obama's meeting with Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu, has many wondering about the timing. And concerned that, if Iran is successful in developing nuclear weapons, that it now has the capability to launch a nuclear missile that could reach Israel or southern Europe.

Coincidentally, a team of U.S. and Russian scientists are predicting that Iran will, if not otherwise impeded, create a nuclear warhead within the next five years.

There's an ever-increasing chorus among some Israelis, Americans and others to take preemptive action against Iran. And perhaps that will be necessary, sooner than some may have previously expected.

But, hopefully, President Obama's plan for diplomacy and sanctions will work. If he is successful in uniting the Arab world against Iran - and is able, with its help - to take the Palestinian issue, which Tehran has been exploiting, off the table, he may be successful. Imagine both a Middle East peace and an isolated Iran!

The president should be encouraged to continue pursuing this dream. But he needs to be pragmatic, as well, about the possibility that it may have to be someday abandoned for a military approach. Waiting too long, and letting Iran develop a nuclear weapon, is a mistake that the world cannot, and should not, accept.


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WorthyOfUrAttn said...

Coincidental timing or not, It disturbs me that we still have this issue hanging over our heads of Iran getting their hands on Nuclear war heads. Worse case senario: waiting too long to take action against Iran before utter destruction has developed. At the same time, another worse case senerio would be to start looking for alleged weapons of mass destruction at such a sensative time for Isreal and Palestine. If President Obama is the voice crying in the wilderness for peace in the middle east - I don't see any change in Iran's position.

Anonymous said...

Israels blatant building new settlement before the meeting of Netanyahu with Obama, did that unerve anyone? Was that a message of we come with peace in our hearts?

Anonymous said...

Nuclear POWER requires 3% enrichment of uranium, nuclear WEAPONS (like the secret nuclear arsenal that Israel possesses) requires 95% enrichment.

Iran has done NOTHING WRONG -- both the US and Iran signed the same treaty allowing peaceful pursuit of nuclear power. Iran exports oil. The less oil Iran needs to use generating power, the more oil it has to export.

Now, the endless hysterical bleating of the Zionists in Israel and outside of Israel continues to get front-page gee-whiz treatment.

Feeling guilty or worried about other country's nuclear power program since Israel has a secret nuclear ARSENAL? AND missiles, AND submarines capable of firing nuclear missiles? Remember those WMDs Bush43 was trying to find in Iraq? He should have looked for them in Israel!

Israel would love to attack Iran (again) since the US is occupying Iraq. Look at a map. How convenient to have US troops in harm's way, as the military ant mind people love to say.

"Iran missile launch unnerves many!" I was reading earlier today that the probe into atrocities committed in Gaza by Israel will proceed whether or not Israel is going to participate. Having an "ally" like Israel, a religious-psycho state which refuses nuclear inspections or to declare its borders, unnerves me.

That 100% of our politicians are terrified of saying "Fuck Israel, they're dead wrong" is damning. Our government has been infiltrated by Zionist sympathizers who cannot discuss or acknowledge our corruption by a foreign country much less act to put America first.

Ooh, another scary Iran meme. Conditioning to sheep to accept an unprovoked attack on Iran.

Gordon Wagner

Anonymous said...

Ummm, Gordo... Israel's nuclear capabilities were apparently just YOUR little secret. The rest of the world already knew about it, but the IDF came to each and every other citizen of the WORLD of us and said, "Shhh, now don't you go and tell Gordon - he thinks it's a secret!" And another thing - when's the last time you looked at a map? See that tiny little DOT in the Middle East totally SURROUNDED by hostile Arab nations? It's Israel and its borders are CLEARLY defined. Try directing your anger at your mother where it belongs.

Anonymous said...

It's the Israeli missile launches that will be unnerving.

Anonymous said...

I think there is a different game going on, with everyone talking out of both sides of their mouth looking for the best deal.
Russia arms Iran, and then says, let's pressure them to stop. This is to pit the Arabs and Persians and Persians and Israelis against one another, to play the real game of
Enemy of my enemy is my friend. Iran would be committing national suicide if it attacked Europe.
The point is to pressure Israel to take out the Arab allies of the United States, in which the Israelis switch teams: look at where Lieberman is from, and Netanyahu will say unite the Arabs against Persians, but geography suggests the opposite is more logical.

Don Rich

Anonymous said...

It seems to be one more example of the common ways to make Americans scared. So that they would give even more weapons to Israel so that Israel could bomb Gaza once again and then do some Iran bombing. Obama's administration will then probably tell that 'we tried to prevent Israel doing it, but they did it anyway'.

Hannu Virtanen