Friday, June 5, 2009

New Mystery Surrounds Air France Crash

Brazilian officials are now saying that the debris fished out of the Atlantic Ocean in the area where an Air France jet went down did not come from that ill-fated flight. They are also saying the fuel slick found in the water was not from the plane either.

Apparently the debris found included a wooden pallet that is typically used in the transport of cargo on planes. But now it's been determined that no such pallets were on board Flight 447.

This is significant because officials had said that the debris field, including the fuel slick, indicated that the plane was not felled by a bomb. Obviously, now that the evidence discovered is no longer being associated with the flight, that theory can no longer be ruled out.

It also opens the door to yet another mystery. The Brazilian air force is saying the oil found on the ocean's surface exceeds the amount that the plane would have carried. So now a secondary question is raised. Where did the pallet - and all that oil - come from?


Anonymous said...

I fear that this is a mystery that may never be solved. The Atlantic is so huge, and presumably the flight could have been off its scheduled path due to a variety of conditions. The sad reality is that the people on this flight have, barring a miracle, are no longer alive.

maiddy78_1 said...

very strange to read that how the responsible offical can say when this is a worldwide issue not in a home.And i m agree with gary post yet there are mystery in this. Good post