Friday, August 7, 2009

News Talk Online August 7, 2009: How Do You Rate President Obama's 1st 200 Days?

He's been president now for 200 days and the latest polls show that President Obama's ratings are slipping to around the 50 percent approval mark. In large measure over constituent perception of the two biggest domestic issues on his plate: the economy and health care reform.

Obama has acknowledged the economy is not recovering quite as quickly as had been hoped but says the light is at the end of the tunnel. Figures released today show that both the unemployment rate and new layoffs declined in July. He also has been asking patience because the bulk of the money for the stimulus program hasn't even been distributed yet. It takes time, apparently, to prime the pump.

He also continues to press on regardless on health reform, but the lack of a single proposal and coordinated Republican attacks on his bottom up campaign to get it passed seem to be having their effect on a public that's both confused about details and concerned about how it would be funded.

How do you rate the president's first 200 days in office? Please comment here. You'll also have a chance to sound off at 5 PM New York time today on News Talk Online on


Jay said...

My opinion is that Bushes approval rating was so low towards the end of his term, that anyone who was to replace him would look 100% better. People wanted a change....

ambrosine shitrit said...

How do I see Obamas 100 days in office? A total farce.
The chosen one, the man who said he was going to bring about "Change" lied.
His gang of followers and supporters said they would see a "nicer" more approachable America under Obama.
Well in his first week in office and subsequent days we have seen him bomb women and children in the SWAT region of Pakistan, turn its back on Israel, cause untold damage to the U.S economy bringing it far deeper into debt ( remember the U.K is in far greater shape now with property price up for the past 5months, and banks re lending). Send Gitmo prisoners to go and work on golf courses, allow Ahmedinijad to come into America and speak once again at the U.N after the violence against the Iranian opposition where hundreds of people were injured and shot down in cold blood.
I could go on.
So where are the champion groups of Human rights who said Bush was a baby killer and nazi? Where are these voices now. Or is it Okay that Obama can kill women and children but he is a liberal so thats fine. He is allowed?

Anonymous said...

personally i think he's done a decent job so far, it's not his fault times are tough, the world of today is facing a very tough recession and i think we will all pull through in the natural course of time

Anonymous said...

Obamas first 200 days in office?? Oh my, the only reason I can tell he's "in office" is things are going downhill fast. Spending more than all presidents combined, cash for clunkers (what a farce), unemployment skyrocketing, prices on the rise. Is there a lower grade than an F+?

Anonymous said...

Sorry that should be F- :)

Anonymous said...

Personally i hope he knows what his doing.. being in uk we have same issue's.. its always hard for a new candidate to clear up others mess and many times they add to it making it worse.. so i feel for the people in USA

Anonymous said...

Personally I believe he has shown himself for what he truely is and desires. Setting up email accounts to have people report their friends and neighbors sounds suspiciously like a move out of Hitler's past. The continual attacks on the American People as being racists when he is the true racist. The continual attacks on the American People as being a Mob, Terrorists, Suspects etc. His lack of true open access to what he is doing and who he is seeing in the whitehouse. His appology tour to all terrorist nations and former enemy nations and even to Germany for our defeating them in WWII is attrocious and mostly filled with lies. His total lack of trust of the American Public in knowing what we desire and need. His constant travel abroad to "vacation" would have been shouted about in the press had a Republican done the same. His $500,000.00 trips for him and his wife on tax payer money. He has done everything to destroy this great nation and NOTHING to help it. True I happen to be a conservative, but I also happen to see with my eyes and hear with my ears and I do not need some liberal press telling me he is a messiah I was not born yesterday. He spends money as if all we need to do is continue to print it. He has NO economic intelligence at all and evidently does not listen to those that do or they are as brain dead as he is. You cannot spend your way into prosperity. I wish he would get a clue,however, I seriously doubt it will happen in this lifetime. America will hopefully survive regardless of how hard he attempts to destroy it. And just for openness, where are his school records, his long form birth certificate, his TRUE life history. No one knows a thing about this man other than what he has let out himself basically in the past year or so other than his collection of TERRORIST FRIENDS. He is truely an EMPTY SUIT. Using the same grading system a public school here uses he would have earned a "0". Nothing accomplished, Not showing up for the job, and his lies all add up to a total failure. .... The Southern Gentleman

Anonymous said...

Hello everyone from Bullbreed

Well I feel Obamas first 100 days were quite interesting as he seemed to come out of the gate trying to undo many things George Bush had done yet near the end of the hundred days he is going back to copying many things George Bush did.

Oddly enough his opposition is his own party to an extent with Nancy Pelosi spending like a drunken sailor with stimulus bills and ignoring Obamas request for no Pork.

Also the democrats seem unable to put a health bill in with their overwhelming seat advantage.

people seem to be having less faith in Obama since he is missing most of his deadlines and waffling on some others.

I think he made a mistake with so many apologies on Americas behalf and yet Obama had a problem making a genuine apology for himself when he behaved stupidly by weighing in on a controversy with a recent racial controversy between a black professor and a Caucasian policeman.

I seen on the news the American people are already losing favor with the Afghanistan war.

In closing I cant help but think Obama is going to have to get very creative with taxes to pay for his stimulus package and I do not believe the American people can be taxed with hidden taxes and fooled.

At the end of desert storm George Bush senior was enjoying a 90 percent approval rate and then raised taxes to pay for the war.

when Bush senior had run for office in his first term he had said read my lips "no new taxes".

The read my lips slogan became a campaign weapon against Bush from the opposition and he lost the election.

Obama is in danger of losing the next election in my view because of his promise nobody under 250 000 dollars would have an increase in taxes.

The numbers are slipping for a president who only opens his mouth to change feet unless he has his teleprompter.


WorthyOfUrAttn said...

Obama knows what he is doing. Of course he can't be as transparent as he declared and he didn't know what he was up against until he took office. Plans do have to change and he is rerouting his strategies. This country pulled its way out of utter destruction twice - I think repairing this economy is a small task compared to restoring this country from the civil war and the great depression. He's doing great and we will be fine. Nobody wants to talk about the improvements that he has made ie; increase in social security benefits.

Anonymous said...

I would like a mulligan in the voting results, please!!!

Jacklyn Kearns

James said...

I know what he is doing, it is called f*****g up.

Firstlady_Mandey said...


Given the pervasive issues from the prior Administration, President Obama, thus far, has initiated the process of recovery within His first 200 days of governing the United States of America. His actions evidence a fair problem definition and resolution strategy, paving a way for potential forthcoming economic prosperity.


Anonymous said...

Swampin' out stalls is hard work. It sure takes more than 200 days to sweep up years of bovine excrement.

Melyna said...

first thing to say is that Barack Obama took over the presidency at an extremely difficult time and in any case, in light of the difficult circumstances, I think Obama has done amazingly well.Financial markets were in free-fall, Bank spreads were at historic highs. I think the americans learned from mistakes in the past, particularly the mistakes of the Depression.Obama has gotten far more things right than wrong.


Anonymous said...

Gary, you should have formed a Commission, named a Czar, and appointed commissioners to study this! To pay for it all, you could tax everyone (have Paltalk add extra fees maybe). Then you need to make sure to point out that, because of your forming a Commission, appointing a Czar, and hiring a group of people to be on a commission, you just got at least 10 more people employed. Though, it's of little consolation to the millions out of work...


We could redesign paltalk. We all know it needs "fixin" (how many complaints does the complaint dept get?) Maybe it's time for CHANGE?

So, what we'll do is (you got it) appoint a Czar to oversee a commission. Then we'll have the paltalk snitch committee to report anyone critical of you, paltalk, etc.

Okay, I'm being silly. But if you ask me (and you did) the Obama administration is the epitome of SILLINESS!


Anonymous said...
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