Friday, September 25, 2009

Iran's Nuclear Capabilities And Obama's Culpability

White House Photo, Pete Souz

It came to light, overnight, that Iran has a second nuclear enrichment facility that had not been reported to the International Atomic Energy Agency, had not been monitored by the IAEA, and had not been mentioned in any public assessment of Tehran's nuclear ambitions.

The revelation prompted statements of concern from President Obama, French President Sarkozy and British Prime Minister Brown at the G-20 Summit in Pittsburgh at which they expressed the urgent need for Iran to come into compliance with United Nations resolutions or face consequences - whatever that means.

All well and good. But in his remarks to the assembled reporters, Obama revealed two things. One, that the United States and other nations have been aware of this facility for two years. And, two, that the facility is large - inconsistent, the president says, with one that is merely designed for peaceful energy needs.

So here are the questions for the leaders of the free world and their predecessors. If you were aware of these facts for two years, why is the world just learning about them now? And why hadn't the IAEA publicly demanded access to this facility over the past two years?

God forbid Iran develops a nuclear weapon and either directly or through its terrorist surrogates launches attacks on Israel or any other nation. The government and UN officials who were aware of their obvious aspirations and - not only did nothing about them - but were culpable through their silent cover up will have blood on their hands.


Anonymous said...

Why just Obama's "culpability"? Your blog said the US has known about it for 2 years. I believe Bush was in the White House 2 years ago or are you one of those let's blame it all on Obama people?

Doug said...

Gary said "So here are the questions for the leaders of the free world and their predecessors." I wouldn't think that anyone would have to explain that this includes Bush, but, if you voted for Obama, you may require explanations for many things. Do you know who Nancy Pelosi is, or Harry Reid, unlike many Obama voters? rofl

Anonymous said...

Mr. you know who John "Mr. Tan" Boehner is? Or Eric Cant-or is? Or how about 'Not So Mitch" McConnell? Or "There is no quit in quitting my job" Palin? At least my guys are trying to clean up after your guys mistakes! Tell your team that when Nancy Reagan said "Just say no" she was talking about drugs. Of course, if you want the crew I listed above to return to ruining this great country, then just keep saying no! Did you ever think that the reason why republicans say government doesn't work is because every time they are in charge they screw things up so bad that the prove themselves correct? Of course, if you vote for them, then I have the answer to my question of 'Did you ever think?"

Anonymous said...

The Iranians are well trained in the use of the "force", they just wave there hand over the world, tell them that these are for peaceful purposes, that they should not worry, and there is nothing here for what you are looking for.... to all the world leaders (the force does not work on Israeli's)... and they go on their merry business. This goes for past and present rulers...

p.s. I did not see Gary blame Obama..