Wednesday, April 7, 2010

Redefining Islamic Terrorism

The Obama administration is changing the nation's definition of terrorism, expunging the words Islamic and jihad from the National Security Strategy.

While it is proper to guard against blanket allegations of terrorism against Muslims, it is dangerous to ignore that there are extremist Islamists who are using violence as a means to an end.

There are declared Islamic states, as well, such as Iran, who have used their surrogates to commit acts of terrorism in other lands. So it's really an institutionalized problem.

The other day, a militant Christian group was taken down in Michigan because it was planning terrorist attacks in the name of religion in the United States. It was properly identified as Christian - though no reasonable person would say that the group is in anyway representative of Christianity.

There have also been white separatist groups - correctly named - in the United States. But, again, correctly identifying them is not a reflection on Caucasians as a whole.

Officially ignoring that there are Muslim extremist organizations is a blatant attempt at political correctness at a time when we need - more than ever - political honesty. The honest approach is one that recognizes that the majority of Muslims are not fundamental terrorists  - but that Islamic terrorism does exist. This pending action by the Obama administration only serves as fodder for those who feel the president has become an apologist for Islamic terrorists.


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DangerRus said...

This is understandable in the context of fighting the prejudice against muslims in the mindset of the west. The war against terror has been far too blanketing of Musilims as the enemy with many in the west feeling that the muslim religion itself is evil. But we cannot lose sight of the fact that terrorists do use the muslim religion as a tool to wage their war. Changing terms may change perceptions but it does not change facts and the fact is we must be wary of the spread of islamofacist ideology in remote areas where it manifests. We must stand firm in securing a managable Afghnistan and Pakistan. It will take a long time but leaving this theatre of war will leave a cancer to spread.

RICESKI said...

Obama isn't changing much really. Fact is - Islam teaches at it's core that Jews are the sons of monkeys and pigs and that KAFIR or non muslims are as expendable as a used rag. If you want to believe otherwise you do so at your own peril.

Anonymous said...

we continue to hear and read enough about islamic extremism related to terrorism. no need for official US definition to associate a particular race or religion to terrorism. obama is both fair and brave to take this stance. its absurd to think he's "ignoring" the facts by doing so.

4FowlDog1 said...

We have white terrorists too,i Understand that... But we also identify them as such!! When a black man shoots a white man, WE KNOW that shooter is black! HEs not just a man who shot another man... Why do these guys get to be "People who blew up people?" They are Muslim Extremists who kill people. Period. Shame on our presidet

Anonymous said...

Political correctness can be our death! Do you wonder how the families who lost loved ones on 9/11 feel. after hearing Obamas statement. IN the Quron, followeras of Islam are intructed to lie for Allah and to kill the non believers. who do not submit to Islam or pay the jiziya the very Best Muslims are the ones who follow these teachings, we have alot to learn about Islam. thank you Gary, Jamie_38

Allen TX said...

If you look at Islam as movement to control the world and change the culture of the world than you will see that movement have many elements they have group that they work on world financial they have group they work in different countries laws to be changed to the favor of Islamic laws and also have jihadist witch they are the fighter
And jihad is justified by Islam and it is something that most Moslem are proud to be involve in to spread the Islam in none Moslem countries and the young Moslem when the get shahid (killed) in Jihad (holy war against none Moslem) the family get reworded big time by the Moslem government and as we see it an act of terror the see it as ultimate way of sacrifice them self in Allah way now it does not matter what the non Moslem say
So changing the definition of the jihad word it won’t solve the problem the Persian Empire tried to stand up to this barbaric movement and the history showed what happened to them unfortunately the political correctness is in favor of Islam and Moslem to day and that is danger to us