Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Massive winter storm starts to move into the Midwest

People in the nation's midsection are bracing for a major winter storm that is expected to dump as much as 18 inches of snow in some area.

Officials are calling the approaching event "life threatening" and are urging people to stock up, bundle up and stay at home.White out conditions are expected in Chicago.

The storm is massive, stretching as far south as Texas where flights have already been canceled.

Meanwhile, in the Northeast, a winter storm that varies from rain to freezing rain to snow is moving in. Insignificant amounts to as nearly a foot of snow are projected in various spots in the New York metropolitan area. In the Philadelphia area, where flights have also been canceled, conditions vary from a coating of snow to freezing rain.

Today's East Coast storm is just the first of a one-two punch because the blizzard that's visiting the Midwest is projected to continue east across the nation, but is expected to take a northward turn on Wednesday sparing much of the immediate coastline.

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