Friday, April 29, 2011

Just when you thought it was safe to call Obama an American...

Oh so you thought it was over, this controversy over President Obama’s birth?
You thought that, just because he finally capitulated and made public the long-form version of his birth certificate he was in the clear, did you?
Not so fast.
On Monday, the issue will be presented, once again, before a California court.
Orley Taitz, a California attorney and dentist, is due back in court on Monday, for a scheduled hearing appealing a judge’s decision dismissing her challenge of the president’s place of birth. And, by extension, his constitutional qualification to serve as president.
Taitz is using her website to  look for a Photoshop expert to bring into court with her. She’s convinced that what the state of Hawaii presented to the White House, which the White House then presented to the White House press corp, was altered. Clearly, many of her readers think she’s onto something here.
“I have no idea how the White House could release such a blatant forged document, but being in graphic design and working with Photoshop and Illustrator – you can figure this out really easy,” writes one.
“It seems the BC can be dissected  in a few programs. This administration really thinks ‘we the people’ are stupid.
No one believes this supposed scanned copy anyway and Trump seems to be letting it go now,” writes another.
Taitz, herself, is not convinced she’ll get a fair hearing.
“We have a mammoth task ahead of us,” she writes on her site, noting that all three judges on the panel were appointed by President Clinton, a Democrat.
“Is the result of the hearing,” she asks, “a foregone conclusion?”
Maybe not, but it can be safely said that, should Taitz lose again, she’ll say that it was.

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