Thursday, June 29, 2017

Florida family watches in horror as swarm of bees attacks their dog and kills her

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Another case of a swarm of bees attacking. This time a family dog in its yard is attacked and dies.

It happened in Boca Raton in Debby Leonard's yard. She says there were so many bees on her 45 pound dog Delilah you couldn't tell her color. By the time it was over, Delilah had been stung hundreds of times.

Her next door neighbor has bee hives.  And there's a hive in a tree overlooking the yard.

"The beekeeper who came out here said that at this time of year they outgrow their hives and they create a new queen and they swarm," Leonard says.

Leonard says her neighbor shouldn't be permitted bee hives in a residential area. She's afraid the next victim may be a human being.

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