Wednesday, June 28, 2017

Things really are changing in New York City under de Blasio but are they for the good? I guess it depends on one's perspective

I got into a conversation yesterday with an Upper West Side neighborhood perpetrator. He was openly smoking a joint during our little street corner chat.

"Things are changing under de Blasio," he declared when I questioned him about his choice of smokes.

"I can smoke marijuana in public and it's only a ticket now."

But that's not the only quality of life change under New York's mayor, he told me. Not only can he smoke marijuana in public, he can pee in public, too. Without risking jail time.

And not only that:

"The other day I got a ticket for my knife," he added. "I was expecting to go to jail. I usually go to jail for my knives. But they only gave me a ticket. Yep, things are changing under de Blasio." 

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