Tuesday, May 29, 2018

Man Jumps Into River In Newark While Being Chased, Never Seen Emerging

This video brings you right to the scene ... shot even before rescue workers arrived.

Seconds after a man called 911 in Newark, NJ to report that he'd been robbed.

The guy telling cops he chased the robber to the Passaic River. And jumped in to avoid getting caught.

Police from Newark and bordering Kearny rushed to the scene. As well as firefighters. They even called in the fire boat from Linden, NJ.

They searched on the banks and in the water for two-and-a-half hours. But they never found the guy.

Did he swim to safety and successfully escape? Did he circle back under cover of darkness and slip into one of the homeless encampments at the water's edge? Or was he pulled under the murky drink to a watery grave?

Here's the video shot by my friend, Dean McDermott of State News Service.

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