Friday, June 1, 2018

The Latest On North Korea, The Santa Fe Texas School Shooting, Presidential Pardons, Tariffs And Apples, A Moose On The Loose, And The Parrot Who Talks To Alexa

For the second day in a row I got to host the Fox News Radio Whip Around podcast.

Today's offerings include an update on the North Korea negotiations, the president's trip to Texas to meet with families and victims of the Santa Fe High School massacre and the president pulling out his pardon pen ... and hinting that he may pull it out again soon.

Also the impact the announced tariffs will have on California's apple industry. And an update on the Hawaii volcano.

But you'll totally want to listen to the end for TWO favorite stories today.

The first, the saga of a moose that kept chasing a couple trying to get in a round on a Utah golf course. And the tale (not tail!) of a parrot who carries on conversations with Alexa. And successfully gives Alexa commands!


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