Wednesday, August 1, 2018

This neighborhood stinks

A Virginia family says it's being held hostage in their home by a family of skunks who are showing that the human family is not welcome.

It's a story I reported for Fox News Headlines 24/7 on SiriusXM 115.

The neighborhood in Dumfries, Virginia literally stinks.

The people there say the antics of a family of skunks is ''odorly ridiculous." Running up to people and spraying them. And camping out around Bobbi Dewitt's house.

"I'm just ready to claim my house back," Dewitt says.

Dewitt says every time her air conditioner comes on the skunks spray it and the scent then travels through her house.

She's been calling pest control companies to find out how to get rid of her new, smelly neighbors.

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