Friday, May 24, 2019

Prison uprising is just latest problem in Venezuela, is the United States to blame?

A prison uprising with deaths and injuries. Just the latest problem to strike Venezuela.

Disputed Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro is constantly blaming the United States for his countries woes. His most recent pronouncement in response to news that the United States is preparing sanctions and criminal charges against Venezuelan officials suspected of using a state-backed food program to launder money for Maduro. Maduro firing back, charging that the United States is trying to destroy that food program.

Meanwhile, rhetoric like that of Sen. Lindsay Graham may be feeding Maduro's campaign to blame the United States. Graham, a key supporter of President Trump, says if Cuba doesn't remove security forces from Venezuela, the United States should invade Venezuela.

Of course the U.S. position is that it's the socialist economic and political policies of the country that have put Venezuela in such peril.

The finger pointing aside, is there a way (and for that matter a will) to end the crisis in Venezuela?

An analysis in the Washington Post says, yes. There are four potential solutions. Assuming that Juan Guaido, who the United States and other nations view as the legitimate president can't rise to power politically and start straightening things out.

And according to that analysis, Venezuela's military (with a sprinkling of United States involvement) is key to change.


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